Dig Into Some Chicken and Waffles at Krispy’s Fried Chicken and Seafood

The menu at Krispy's Fried Chicken and Seafood may be basically—you guessed it—chicken and seafood, but local patrons don't seem to mind. That succinct menu has everything they need to put together a greasy-good feast of classic Southern cuisine. And since the kitchen team here makes everything fresh and to-order, it's hard to go wrong.

The fried chicken, however, is the main event. Order dark or white meat, or a mix of both, in platters ranging from 2 to 24 pieces. Or enjoy your golden brown chicken piled atop fresh waffles. You can also opt for fried catfish or shrimp, if you prefer, which come with fries, salad, and a fluffy roll. Po'boys stuffed with chicken, pork, fish, or shrimp round out the menu at Krispy's—not to mention chicken-fried steak, fried pork chops, and chicken gizzards.

Krispy's Fried Chicken and Seafood
3009 S. Hillside Street
Wichita, KS 67216
(316) 765-7574

Wichita Art Museum: American Art at its Finest

The Wichita Art Museum has been part of the city's landscape since 1935, and in the intervening years it has amassed quite a collection of American art. In fact, it now houses more than 8,000 permanent pieces with a special focus on works evoking the Great Plains. They were all gifted to the museum by private donors, making the large collection even more impressive. And you can actually access them all online, too, if you don't have time to visit.

But you will miss out on the visiting exhibits that come to the museum one a regular basis. Recent displays have included a state-centric compendium of photos, No Mountains in the Way, 40 Years Later: Kansas Documentary Photography, as well as Scenery, Story, Spirit: American Painting and Sculpture from the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. So regardless of where your artistic tastes lie, you'll be able to find something intriguing at the Wichita Art Museum.

Wichita Art Museum
1400 W. Museum Boulevard
Wichita, KS 67203
(316) 268-4921

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Flow and Strengthen at Satya Moon Yoga

At Satya Moon Yoga, everyone is welcome to practice in the way they feel called—regardless of their background as an athlete (or not). If you are a beginner, check out the Yoga Foundations class first. It moves at a slow pace and helps students master the basics of yoga, including the specific poses, alignment, and the way breath factors into both.

For a challenge, opt for a Hot Vinyasa Flow class. In a room heated to about 100 degrees, practitioners flow through a rigorous series of movements that create even more heat within the body. Yet the fast-paced class culminates in a sense of inner peace, as do all the different types of yoga classes at Satya Moon Yoga. You can also opt for a Pilates and Barre class, yoga sculpt with resistance bands incorporated, or restorative yoga, which is more meditative than challenging.

Satya Moon Yoga
8336 E. 21st Street N.
Wichita, KS 67206
(316) 440-4666

You Don’t Need a Green Thumb to Grow These Easy-Care Houseplants

While the idea of adding houseplants in your home seems nice, it can sometimes be more difficult than it seems. If you’re ready to throw in the towel (or, rather, the gardening gloves) and accept your non-green thumb, don’t quit just yet: these low-maintenance plants are perfect for people just like you.

  1. Pothos. Perhaps the most common indoor houseplant, the hearty pothos plant is almost impossible to kill. It thrives in almost any type of light, and it will even grow in long, trailing stems from the ceiling all the way to the floor.
  2. Spider plant. This plant gets it name because it is shaped like the legs of a spider, and because it works best in medium lighting, it’s ideal for just about any room in your apartment home at Windemere at Tallgrass.
  3. Areca palm. If you’re looking for a large plant that will make a bit more of an impact, the Areca palm is a great choice. It's very large and vibrant, but it doesn’t require much care.
  4. English ivy. For something with a classic look, English ivy is just as beautiful as it is low-maintenance. This is an especially great choice for homes with air conditioning, because it prefers lower temperatures.
  5. Jade plant. If you love succulents (and going weeks between waterings), the thick, sturdy jade plant is for you.

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