Parking Lot Resurfacing Starts this Monday – May 2nd

It is time to resurface ("seal coat") our parking lots here at Windemere at Tallgrass. The 1st phase will start this coming Monday May 2nd. The 2nd phase will start Wednesday May 4th and the 3rd phase will start Friday May 6th. (See attached map) Please do not park your vehicle in the designated areas/days or it will be subject to towing (at your expense). Thank you for your assistance in making this an easy upgrade to your community.

Please feel free to contact us at the office with any questions: 316-684-0001

Expert Tips for Creating an Eye-Catching Vignette

If you have a hallway table or bedroom dresser that could use some sprucing up, the table vignette may be the way to go. A vignette is simply an embellishment that consists of different elements arranged harmoniously, from blooming flowers to vintage picture frames. The exact contents of the vignette are up to you (consider shopping around at thrift stores), but there are a few rules you should follow when you actually go to create the vignette. Here are four of the top suggestions, gleaned from the internet's interior design experts.

  1. Pick a focal point. Before you randomly start arranging knick-knacks on a coffee table, pick an element that will anchor your vignette. For example, it might be a vintage vase filled with flowers or artsy twigs. It could be a pretty picture frame with a personal photo or postcard. Regardless of what it is, make sure the focal point meshes with the colors and style of the rest of your home.
  2. Let light win over dark. If you don't already have a focal point in mind, consider using a cool lamp. When creating a vignette, it's imperative that you put it somewhere where the light can accentuate it—and what better way to do that than to make the light a part of it?
  3. Use the rule of threes. Interior design experts often adhere to the rule of threes, which essentially states that when grouping design elements, you should opt for odd numbers over even numbers. It creates a focal point that naturally draws the eye.
  4. Create depth and texture. You should also vary the arrangement of your vignette elements in order to intrigue onlookers. Instead of placing each piece in a straight line, pull some forward and push others back. Pick candlesticks or books of varying heights. Choose different textures. This will keep your vignette interesting and eye-catching.

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Enjoy Coffee, Croissants and Conversation at Mead’s Corner in Wichita

Mead’s Corner is a fair-trade coffeehouse and café in Old Town Wichita. Aiming to provide the community with a classic go-to setting to study, hang out, and grab a bite, the low-key café has a rustic atmosphere with plenty of seating and a wide variety of menu options.

Hand-crafted espresso drinks and house favorites dominate the beverage menu, and new drink specials are available daily. Classic breakfast options, sandwiches, salads, and paninis are also available for eat-in or takeout dining, and their gelato is a crowd favorite.

The café regularly hosts events, like live music set, and is available to host meetings and other community gatherings. A bonus: Mead’s is open late: until 11 p.m. most days and until 1 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays!

Mead’s Corner
430 East Douglas Avenue
Wichita, KS 67202
(316) 201-1900

Butting Heads in the Office? Here’s How to Deal With Difficult Coworkers!

Whether your job requires collaboration or you simply want to establish friendly relationships with the people you work with, difficult co-workers can complicate things. Here are a few ways to handle bad attitudes in the workplace.

  1. Keep your cool. First and foremost, never lose your temper on a fellow employee, no matter how bad the situation gets. This will only make you lose face in front of your bosses and the rest of the office. Simply remind yourself to maintain a calm, even voice, or just walk away from the situation.
  2. Practice good conflict resolution skills. If the co-worker in question frequently disagrees or argues with you about work issues, learn how to resolve these conflicts before they start. Identify common ground by pointing out a mutual goal, and be sure to hear him or her out completely before giving your point of view.
  3. Address the issue in private. No one wants to be viewed as unprofessional, so privately point out when a co-worker is being particularly dramatic. Say something neutral, like “It seems like you’re getting very angry about this.” This might make your co-worker notice the error of his or her ways.
  4. Don’t be a pushover. It pays to be kind, but don’t let this difficult co-worker feel that he or she can walk all over you. Adopt a fair yet stern attitude that shows that you can’t be manipulated or disrespected.

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Bring a Hearty Appetite to GangNam Korean Grill & Bar

GangNam Korean Grill & Bar is the first Korean barbecue eatery in Wichita, and while the façade can be misleading, many consider it a solid go-to choice for a night out.

As with all traditional Korean Barbecue restaurants, diners are given the option to cook their chosen meat (pork belly, spicy chicken, seafood, brisket) at a grill in the center of their table. Be sure to pair your meal with an order of crab rangoon or the fish cakes! GangNam has become known for its large portions. Happy hour runs every day between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. and afternoon lunch specials like bulgogi and chicken teriyaki bowls are offered for as little as $5.

The popular spot doesn’t take reservations, so if you plan to show up with a group on a weekend, make sure to arrive early to ensure getting a table.

GangNam Korean Grill & Bar
210 N Washington St
Wichita, Kansas
(316) 201-6400