The Hungry Heart: Where Asian, Mexican and Southern Food Commingle Effortlessly

The menu at The Hungry Heart might seem like an odd mix of options at first, but most customers find that they actually appreciate the eclectic nature of the grub once they actually experience it. So don't be afraid to dabble in different cuisines during your meal at The Hungry Heart. Who says Mexican cuisine, Asian fare, and soul food can't commingle peacefully?

Start off your feast with a plate of the Ahi wonton nachos, which swap out typical tortilla chips for fried wonton skins and showcase cured tuna, worcestshire teriyaki glaze, and garlic aioli. Or dig into JD's Asian wings, which are deep-fried and smothered with a glaze of soy, honey, and white pepper. Save some room for a main dish such as the pulled pork sandwich, the smoked tri-tip, or the Nater's fried chicken—the latter accompanied by a Korean-style salad. You can also opt for fish tacos or Korean short ribs, so no meal at The Hungry Heart looks exactly the same.

The Hungry Heart
222 S. Commerce Street
Wichita, KS 67202
(316) 440-7542