Where to Shop Quirky-Cute Kids’ Lighting Online

You don’t want your little ones to feel afraid of the dark every night at bedtime, which is why every child’s room should contain a fun and functional light that chases away the monsters that live under the bed. Here are three great places to shop for quirky-cute kids’ lighting online.

The Land of Nod
This mega-popular kids’ online retailer offers modern furniture and home decor items that will make your kids’ rooms look a whole lot more stylish. Their selection of kid-friendly lighting sources includes lamps in the shapes of clouds, nightlights with cute faces, and colorful floor lamps that channel classic mid-century designs.

If you’re looking for lights that even quirkier, ModCloth is your online go-to for all things sweet and silly. Check out updated versions of the usual light socket nightlights and retro-inspired wall lights, as well as twinkling string lights that add a festive flair.

From plasma ball lights that produce bolts of electricity wherever you place your fingers to funky, miniature chandeliers and machines that create shooting stars indoors, this unique online retailer offers one of the most creative selections of quirky kids’ lighting.