How Pinterest Can Help You Streamline Your Skincare Routine

Whether you’re 16 or 60, everyone needs a great skincare routine to keep their skin looking its best. Pinterest is an entertaining resource for everything that you want to know about skincare, including the best products on the market today. Here are three Pinterest boards that will help you to streamline the way you care for your skin.

Organic Skincare
If you want to improve your skin without using harsh chemicals, the Organic Skincare board is filled with all natural remedies that really work. These tips recommend organic products like pure coconut oil and raw cane sugar to cure just about any ailment of the skin, and it also offers recipes for masks and cleansers that you can make at home.

Care Tips
From superfoods to help improve your skin from within to the best sunscreens to use on acne-prone skin, this board features tips for improving your skin at all ages. There are also a number of recommendations for the best drugstore skincare products so that you can care for your skin without emptying your wallet.

Skin Tips
Browse the Skin Tips Pinterest board by sections like homemade skincare, the best beauty products, and beauty secrets to find the best ways to care for any type of skin. Whether your skin is dry, oily, or acne-prone, this board has a remedy that will improve its look and feel.

Weight Loss Tips for New Dieters

You’ve never had to watch your weight before, but it seems like all of those years of eating whatever you want are suddenly catching up with you. If you’re about to embark on your first diet, use these simple tips to stay on track and maximize results.

  1. Think about it in the long-term. Instead of thinking of your diet as something that will eventually end, consider it a lifestyle change. That way, you’ll be able to maintain your results and even indulge in the occasional treat.
  2. Aim for realistic goals. Instead of starting an extreme diet to lose a very large amount of weight each week, set realistic goals that you can safely and healthily meet. For example, aiming to lose 2 pounds per week is a healthy and attainable weight loss goal that will still yield major results.
  3. Skip the fad diets. Instead of falling for a fad diet that cuts out a major food group or involves complicated meal plans, opt for a healthy diet that includes whole foods and balanced meals.
  4. Keep it simple. Fill your diet with fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and the occasional healthy whole grains and you’ll have no problem shedding those extra pounds.

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5 Health Benefits of Walking

Whether you walk to work or simply take a stroll around the neighborhood at night, walking is a great way to improve your health in a relaxing, enjoyable way. Here are just a few of the health benefits of walking — and reasons why you should incorporate more walking into your daily routine.

  1. It improves your cardiovascular health. While many people think of running when they think of cardiovascular exercise, the moderate exercise of walking also lowers blood pressure, prevents obesity, and helps improve your overall cardiovascular health.
  2. It improves your mental health. Like all exercise, walking helps improve your mental health and reduces stress by taking you outside and away from your usual routine.
  3. It regulates your weight. You might think that you need to exhaust yourself in order to lose weight, but that’s not necessarily true. Moderate exercises, like walking, also help maintain a healthy weight.
  4. It reduces the risk of cancer. Surprisingly, the health benefits of walking also help to prevent certain types of cancers, including breast and colon cancer.
  5. It reduces the risk of diabetes. Walking regularly can even prevent non-insulin-dependent Type 2 diabetes.

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