Sample Salvadoran Pupusas at Usuluteco Restaurant

If you've never tried a Salvadoran pupusa before, it's time to pay a visit to Usuluteco Restaurant in Wichita. The traditional pupusa headlines the menu, a handcrafted corn tortilla filled with the fixings of your choice. Order at least three to start, perhaps the ground pork and cheese pupusa (the revueltas), the fried beans pupusa, and the pupusa stuffed with smoked ghost pepper.

You can also feast on other Salvadoran and Mexican dishes, like the fried garlic shrimp, the deep-fried tilapia, or the chicken fajitas. Usuluteco dishes out soups, too, distinguished by exotic ingredients like cow feet, as well as more conventional foods such as beef or chicken. The eatery even reinvents American eats like pot roast and sirloin steak with a Salvadoran twist. Wash down your meal with a horchata (rice-flavored water), chan (strawberry punch) or Kolachampan (Salvadoran soda).

Usuluteco Restaurant
1714 E. Northern Street
Wichita, KS 67216
(316) 409-3820