Love Mountain Biking? Check Out One of These Bike Trails Mantained by the Kansas Singletrack Society!

Forget about traveling to far-flung spots to go mountain biking. Did you know there are decent trails within Wichita city limits?

The Air Capital Memorial Park trail is a two-mile course near busy Maize Road and Kellogg Drive. It opened two years ago thanks to the Kansas Singetrack Society, a group of mountain bike enthusiasts that formed in 2003. One of the goals of the KSS is to develop more trails in South Central Kansas, as well as maintain existing ones.

Some other trails created and maintained by the KSS include Miller’s Meadow, a roughly five-mile trail that winds through about 50 acres of land near Pawnee and 143rd Street East; the Camp Horizon trail, a nine-mile path about an hour south of Wichita; and Fall River Trail, which is eight miles, located at the Fall River Reservoir. If you're a mountain biker, make sure to check these out!

Air Capital Memorial Park
Maize Road and Kellogg Drive
Wichita, KS