Rails to Trails: Creating Running and Biking Trails From Old Railroad Tracks in and Around Wichita

Throughout the U.S, the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy helps communities turn abandoned railroad tracks into pathways used for walking, running, and biking. In Wichita, the Redbud Trail is an example of this. It was built along the former Burlington Northern/Santa Fe railway, running through northeast Wichita, past Wichita State University, intersecting with the K-96 bike path. Plans are underway to expand the trail to Andover, KS. If this happens, it will be about 11 miles long.

This isn’t the only trail slated for expansion. In southwest Wichita, bicyclists will soon be able to ride to Garden Plain, KS, too. The plan is spearheaded by Prairie Travelers, a biking group, and fundraising is currently underway. Many Wichitans are applauding these developments, with many saying it'll allow them to commute to work or class without having to get behind the wheel of a car. If you enjoy biking or running, why not check them out?

Redbud Trail
I-135 Canal Route
Wichita, KS